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Business Name: Norae Magazine



Our Story

Norae Magazine was born in 2017, hoping to cover the lack of K-pop media outlets in Spain. Spanish K-pop media heavily relies on translation of English sites, whilst regular media sites lack comprehension of the industry and the culture. We are writers with different backgrounds (journalism, linguistics, communication) who have come together to provide original content covering K-pop music and Korean culture in general.

We have been growing steadily since the incorporation of three more editors in the summer of 2017. We have managed to establish our brand amongst K-pop fans and fansites in Spain, opening new paths to collaborate on different projects.

One of our most successful projects to this date has been ‘Letter To My Idol’ (‘Carta a un idol’), an opportunity for Spanish speaking K-pop fans worldwide to reach their favorite K-pop stars with the help of our magazine.

Our main content

    • Music reviews: detailed analysis of brand new songs and music videos
    • News: relevant pieces of news dealing with K-pop, K-Hiphop and K-indie music
    • ‘Conoce a’ (Get to know…): overview of less well-known and rookie artists, covering their music style, members, relevant songs and awards
    • Arirang: Pieces on Korean culture, made accessible for our Spanish and South American readership
    • Lists: an easy and entertaining way to introduce new songs and artists to our readers
    • SoniainSeoul: our editor Sonia writes about life in Korea from the capital city of Seoul
    • Recommendations: a weekly section in which each of our writers picks a song following a common topic, hoping to introduce some new songs to our readers


Our purpose is bringing Korean music and culture to Spanish speaking readers worldwide. We aim to become a trustworthy source of K-pop journalism for Spanish speakers around the globe, a place where fans can find the latest news about their favorite stars, but also learn about Korean culture.


Growing our editorial team and our impact amongst K-pop fans, hoping to expand our content to new genres and topics.

Our commitment to ethical journalism

We are committed to doing business responsibly and providing well thought out and properly sourced content. Our purpose is to provide content of high journalistic value and relevant to our readers, but also entertaining and easy to access, since our content is aimed at a younger audience.

Brand Design


Norae Magazine’s logo is a design by Helena Patiño. All image rights belong to her. © 2018.




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